10 000 Washable Sanitary Pads for African women

Many Women & young girls skip school/work during their menstrual period because they can't afford hygiene products. We provide washable, reusable pads to these groups so that they can stay in school or go to work. Longterm, we will help limit the ecological damage caused by disposable pads being thrown into rivers and on the streets in rural areas where there is no municipal trash collection.

Provide trauma relief to workers in South Africa

Formerly Hoedpsruit Training Trust, Hlokomela runs TRE appointments (Trauma and Tension Relief Exercises), to help rural farm workers deal with trauma and stress in their lives. This project aims to support 20 community workers in rural Hoedspruit to be trained in TRE.

Save women from breast cancer in South Africa

Limpopo is one of the worst areas in South Africa for poverty, whilst lacking basic facilities in the local villages such as running water. Hlokomela is an established non-profit clinic committed to serving farm workers and their families. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective and sustainable way to screen for and treat breast cancer, preventing hundreds of deaths each year.